Made In Germany. Enjoyed Globally.

NEW The WMF 5000S


Introducing the Espresso.

Insert the portafilter, press the button and out pours a perfect espresso. Remove the portafilter and you are all done.

Why Choose WMF ?

Ease Of Use

The WMF range do it all for you automatically, so a barista quality coffee with fresh beans and real milk is yours at the press of a button.

The machines are incredibly versatile with the ability to pre-programme a multitude of different high quality coffee beverages.


WMF is renowned for its industry leading advancements in the field of automating the coffee process.

The patented WMF Plug & Clean system was the first HACCP complaint automated cleaning system to ensure ease of use in safety and operation.

Stylish & Functional Design

WMF have won many awards for their innovative, functional and aesthetic designs.

A WMF super automatic is not just a functional machine, producing a quality coffee beverage, it compliments and invigorates its surroundings.

Leading Sustainability

The WMF range of super Automatics are made from recycled base materials and are up to 91% recyclable. WMF has ISO 14001 Certification, and the machines are 100% lead and nickel free.

WMF feature independently certified industry leading energy efficiency through their smart eco operating modes and superior engineering.

Modular Designs

WMF coffee machines are designed to be modular so they can fit into a wider variety of spaces, fulfil your specific coffee needs, and come equipped with your ideal accessories.

WMF have a premium range of fridges, cup stations and mobile systems, to compliment each of their models and your requirements.

Australia Wide Service

WMF Australia has a nation-wide service and support network with WMF certified technicians.

We can also forecast equipment lifecycle costs for a period of 5+ years.