German Quality meets Global Presence

A premium world-renowned brand, WMF consistently sets the standard in coffee machine technology.

WMF Generation

Still designed, engineered and built in Germany, WMF has a global presence, and from the professional corporate environment or 5 star hotel to the premium foodservice industry and HORECA environment, there is a WMF Super Automatic coffee solution that suits.

Sales & Service in 80 countries

More than 350,000 WMF coffee machines in the market worldwide

More than 2000 people in the field worldwide

Industry leading sustainability

Each week WMF machines, globally, produce more than half a billion cups of coffee

Made In Germany quality

Real coffee automatically


The WMF range do it all for you automatically, so a barista quality coffee with fresh beans and real milk is yours at the press of a button.

It freshly grinds the coffee beans, expertly extracts a shot of espresso, micro-foams and dispenses fresh milk, and serves from the one spout. This means your favourite coffee is only a single button away.

The machines are incredibly versatile with the ability to pre-programme a multitude of different high quality coffee beverages.

All at the press of a button

Industry Driving Innovation

WMF is renowned for its industry leading advancements in the field of automating the coffee process

Examples of these include

WMF Plug & Clean milk Cleaning System

Plug & Clean

The WMF Plug & Clean system was the first HACCP compliant automated cleaning system to ensure ease of use in safety and operation. This patented technology means cleaning is exceptionally easy to operate and maintain.

WMF Removable Brewer

Removable Brewer

The WMF Brewer is easily removable by hand, and basic maintenance can be carried by the end user, due to clever engineering and design. This makes service calls a rare occurrence and minimses any equipment downtime.

Real coffee automatically

Milk Systems

The WMF Milk Systems (Active & Easy) utilise a unique pump design & pinch valve to give exceptional quality milk and micro-foam. The system is electronically adjusted which gives consistently accurate milk temperature and cup levels.

Leading Sustainability

WMF takes a complete product life cycle approach to determining the environmental impact of their coffee machines and are therefore dedicated to increasing the environmental performance of their products usage, construction, materials management and waste minimisation.

Sustainable coffee machine

Energy Efficiency

WMF feature independently certified industry leading energy efficiency through their smart eco operating modes and superior engineering.

Minimising Impact

The WMF production process has been carefully refined to minimise environmental impact and has made the range free of lead and nickel. WMF has ISO 14001 Certification.

Built Better

The WMF range of Super Automatics are made from recycled base materials and are up to 91% recyclable.

Lowest Lifecycle Costs

As the largest global brand of automated coffee systems, one of the key advantages that WMF have, is the superior reduction of lifecycle costs in their range of equipment, through superior engineering, innovative design and advanced operational systems.

Lowest lifecycle cost coffee machine

Energy Efficiency

WMF are independently certified as the industry leaders in energy efficiency, in all classes of super automatic coffee machines, through their smart eco operating modes and well engineered designs (HKI Cert, Jan 2013). With WMF you can reduce your energy costs by up to 45%.

Lowest lifecycle cost coffee machine

Service Costs

WMF feature a smarter designed scheduled service system, which can be cost forecasted up to 7+ years. On average WMF scheduled services cost up to 25% less per year, than their competitors.

Lowest lifecycle cost coffee machine

Innovative Technologies

The WMF Plug&Clean System, the WMF Brewer System and the other WMF innovations, which make the equipment so user friendly, also further reduce lifecycle costs and increase reliability.

Stylish & Functional


Made In Germany

Designed & engineered in Germany, WMF Coffee machines are objects of efficiency and beauty. The machines compliment their surroundings and through design guide the user naturally through the process. WMF have won numerous International Design awards for their products. Including the prestigious iF Product Design Award and Red Dot Design Award.

Modular Systems

WMF coffee machines are designed to be modular so they can fit into a wider variety of spaces, fulfil your specific coffee needs, and come equipped with your ideal accessories.

WMF have a premium range of fridges, cup stations and mobile systems, to compliment each of their models and your requirements.

Trusted Globally

A selection of Australian and Global WMF clients include

WMF Coffee Machine Clients

WMF Coffee Machine Clients

WMF Coffee Machine Clients

WMF Coffee Machine Clients

WMF Coffee Machine Clients

WMF Coffee Machine Clients

WMF Coffee Machine Clients

WMF Coffee Machine Clients

WMF Coffee Machine Clients

Service & Support

What sets WMF apart is the full scope of service and support we offer. With any coffee machine, the relationship doesn’t stop at purchase, and with the correct support and responsive service, we can drastically minimise costs over the full lifespan of the equipment.

Elements of our full scope service include

WMF National Service and Support

National Reach

ABC has strategic partnerships with several national scale independent service companies, alongside sales & support partners in each state, and provide service to all WMF customers focused on best practice outcomes.

WMF National Service and Support

Real Time Reporting

We utilise a cloud based ERP case system so we can respond swiftly and report with depth and accuracy on equipment. We track case history to the serial number of the WMF unit.

WMF National Service and Support

Forecasted Costing

WMF Maintenance Concepts are transparent and allow you to accurately forecast scheduled service costs over the lifespan of the equipment. WMF Australia can offer service contracts with capped price servicing.

WMF National Service and Support

Scheduled Service

WMF technicians will service the equipment with factory prepped service kits at key intervals to minimise breakdown and reduce costs.